Build my wealth

Build my wealthBuilding your wealth with Great Eastern Life. Invest wisely and build your wealth and a comfortable future for you and your loved ones. With our comprehensive and established investment-linked plans by Great Eastern Life.

1. Prestige Portfolio

Customise and manage your investments with our wide range of funds

Looking to create a tailor-made investment portfolio that you can adjust to meet your changing needs throughout your life? Prestige Portfolio helps you do this – and more. You can invest in a diverse array of funds, take advantage of professional fund management expertise, and stay in control of your investments with a variety of online tools and services. You can also increase or reduce your premiums, to take advantage of market opportunities. Plus, you’ll also enjoy coverage against accidental death


2. Smart Invest

Invest in professionally managed funds, from just S$100 a month

Your long-term financial goals – a bigger home, your children’s education, building a nest egg for retirement – may be hard to reach if you depend on savings alone. Smart Invest offers an affordable and flexible way to add on to your savings. With premiums as low as S$100 a month, this plan helps you invest in a wide range of professionally managed funds. It also gives you the freedom to adjust your investments and payments, as your priorities change.